Support Knee Sleeve TP03UBLK Medium ThermaTech

Support Knee Sleeve TP03UBLK Medium ThermaTech

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Support Knee Sleeve TP03UBLK Medium ThermaTech as per photo, Unisex.

Designed in New Zealand

ThermaTech Support series is a High Quality Product, Professional Series
SpeedDri, expels moisture, keeping you light and dry. Neoprene
For strain/sprain, weak knee
Provides compression, stability and warmth for effective prevention and recovery from injuries to muscles and joints.
therapeutic warmth and uniform compression to muscles and joints.
Fitted ergonomic design for added stability without restricting circulation.
power mesh for extra ventilation and breathability.
anti-bacterial and odour resistant.
Relieves pain due to strains and stiffness.
Promotes blood circulation and healing.
Suitable for most sports, athletic activities and daily use.
Protects against further injury while permitting continued activity.

Sizing: Measure around the centre of the knee.
S 33.0cm - 35.6cm (13" - 14")
M 35.6cm - 38.1cm (14" - 15")
L 38.1cm - 43.2cm (15" - 17")
XL 43.2cm - 50.8cm (17" - 20")

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