Sealwel Powder Pack 6 Dose, Cooling System Sealer and Conditioner, with dipper

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Sealwel Powder Pack 6 Dose, Cooling System Sealer and Conditioner, with dipper

Comes with measurement dipper

ONE ONLY (1) Sealwel Cube, cooling system sealer and conditioner, a huge saver in time and money.

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Had an over heat or having trouble with your cooling system, suspect you have a blown head gasket or cracked head or block,
then try this product. Just follow directions and add into radiator. Run engine for a while before driving, to make sure engine is not overheating, then drive for about 15-20 minutes. Please note thermostat failure is extremely common after an overheat, replacing thermostat highly recommended in this situation.

Sealwel cleans, seals, and lubricates entire cooling system.
Sealwel is not a stop leak product, it is a Cleaner/Sealer that repairs using an exclusive plastic like material both inside the hole through to the outside. The repair will expand and contract with changes in temperature
and operating conditions.
Sealwel will Repair water leaks, is ideal as a pump lubricant and cleans rust and corrosion in
engine cooling systems.
Instructions supplied.

Great head fix, cracked head, Blown head gasket, cracked blocks, leaking plugs, leaking pipes

PLEASE NOTE, this product will not work on leaking water pumps, rubber hoses and only temporary on plastic radiator tanks due to flexing

Recommended dosage:
small/medium leaks 1 Dipper
larger leaks and engines or badly blown head gaskets etc 2 -3 dippers

Fast response for a product that actually does what you claimed, saved me some serious dosh, I'm stoked, Thanks. AAA+

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