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BKR5EKUC NGK Multi Ground Spark Plugs - 7273 - FREE Shipping for 4 +

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BKR5EKUC NGK Multi Ground Spark Plugs - 7273  
-FREE Fast Tracked Shipping to your Door - New Zealand wide - 4 or more plugs-  


NORMALLY AROUND $27.99 each  


NGK Multi Ground Spark Plug, NGK Multi Power Spark Plugs feature multiple ground electrodes for extra-long life in a variety of applications.

Spark plugs wear out when the sharp edges of the ground electrode round off. Therefore, multiple ground electrodes provide additional surfaces for the spark to travel to, extending the plug's effective life.

Multi Power plugs are not for all applications, as they can tend to quench the spark, or hamper the ability of the flame to grow from the initial ignition point. However, the multiple ground electrode configuration can help alleviate a number of problems, including hard starting, excessive fouling or misfiring. They are also effective for vehicles with very high ignition system voltages and/or combustion chamber temperatures.

Typical applications for Multi Power spark plugs include factory turbocharged engines, Mazda rotary engines, and other high-compression type engines.

NGK, The world Leader in Spark plug Technology and Manufacturing, whether you require plugs for your Family car, your high performance race machine, outboard motor or motorbike NGK will have the plug for you. Very reliable and hard to better.
If I don't have the Plug you need, Please just email.


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