ABRO Super Seal 240mL Bottle Cooling System Repair - Stop Leak, SS-822

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Abro Metallic Super Seal Liquid 240ml

This high quality product is manufactured by ABRO Industries USA - A Trusted Brand. The product is a fast acting and permanent seal for cooling system leaks. It safely seals radiators leaks, cracked engine blocks, heater cores, head gaskets and freeze plugs. (excluding rubber hoses and flexible plastic header and sub tanks)

Copper Reinforced Liquid Glass
Seals Permanently
Holes and Cracks in Blocks, Heads and Radiators
Withstands Extreme Temperature and Pressure Loads
Easy To Use with Full Instructions Provided

cooling system
Radiator repair
Stop leak
Crack repair
block repair
head gasket
Blown head gasket repair
Leaking head gasket repair

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