AA Lithium, Camelion Quality Batteries x 4

AA Lithium, Camelion Quality Batteries x 4

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CAMELION Batteries, The Trusted Brand

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Expiry Date 10/2027

AA Lithium, Camelion Batteries x 4, 7 Times longer lasting than standard Batteries.
Lithium P7 Batteries
Camelion Lithium P7 batteries offer a unique combination of lightness and high energy density. Camelion's most powerful primary battery,
the P7 battery offers unbeatable price performance for your high drain devises such as digital cameras, music players and games.
It can also be stored up to 10 years.

Up to 7X Longer Usage Time than normal alkaline batteries when used in high drain devices
15 Year Storage Life
Super Light Weight Battery
High Operating Voltage and Flatter Discharge Curve
Superior Leakage Resistance
Superior Low and High Temperature Performance
Perfect Replacement for standard alkaline batteries
No Environmentally Harmful Compounds such as mercury, cadmium, or lead The new Camelion Lithium P7 battery is long lasting in every way.
It offers exceptional power for high drain devices such as digital cameras as well as other benefits.