Sawdust 1.6 Litre Bag, Manuka chip

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Sawdust 1.6 Litre Bag, Manuka woodchip

Made in New Zealand

Normally around $10.25

Manuka is our all round Kiwi favourite and can be used for smoking most things

This small woodchip is the ideal fuel for using in cold smoke generator machines or in most smokers. Or use in a chip-box on or in your barbecue.

Love that cold smoked salmon, well the cold smoke generator along with these wood dust products will make it so easy. Just check out the many recipes on the Net for making Gravlax. Or try your hand at making your own Fish, Bacon, Ham, Pastrami, Poultry, Meats, Olives, Cheese, Mushrooms or many other things, or hot smoke fish etc in you normal smoker.

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